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401kActiveWatch Has
3 Available Options for Individuals

All the options represent different levels of  involvement on our part. The first level we give you recommendations. The second level we manage your 401k for you using your available funds. The third level we manage it for you by setting up your account with a brokerage window. All levels are handled by a monthly subscription program.

401kActiveWatch Has
3 Available Options for Individuals
401k Account Recommendations
We do an initial evaluation of your current plan investment choices. We give you recommendations, typically at least once a quarter. Our recommendations are based on our investment models in accordance to your risk profile and the investment options available under your 401k Plan. If our Bull-Bear Indicator, our ‘traffic signal’, turns red, then we will inform you – so you may avoid market risk.
Active 401k Account Management
With many 401k Recordkeepers you may authorize us to make investment changes within your 401k account for you. These investment changes we make to your 401k account are based on the Investment Models you selected in accordance to your risk profile, and, the available investment options under your 401k Plan. If our Bull-Bear Indicator turns red, we will move your assets into the available less risky investment options.
Complete Account Management through a Brokerage Account
If a brokerage window (Self Directed Brokerage Account – SDBA) already exists under your 401k plan or available through your Plan’s Recordkeeper; then we are able to fully manage your account. The SDBA allows us to invest your 401k in a more efficient Exchange Traded Funds providing the ability for our best efforts through intraday trading.

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