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Fiduciary Informant | December

We are excited to launch the inaugural issue of the Fiduciary Informant. This newsletter is dedicated to effectively inform our clients of current trends within the 401k marketplace. We aim to raise and address fiduciary matters, provide helpful tips for improving your plan, and identify the benefits of a good financial wellness program. Please enjoy this month’s newsletter!

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Fiduciary Informant | December 2017

Many plan sponsors wrestle with the question of who is considered a fiduciary within their 401k plan. Under Section 402 of ERISA every plan must have a Named Fiduciary. This newsletter is dedicated to effectively inform our clients of current trends within the 401k marketplace.

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An Introduction to Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is a newer employee benefit. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing employee benefit as of 2016. But what’s all the interest in this program? Over 80% of companies have already employed a wellness program of sorts. We have seen the dramatic affects it has on employee productivity and retention.

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Understanding Irrational Investor Behavior

Irrational investor behavior plagues all of us, since we are indeed human. No one, not even the professionals, really know how and when markets will react to either bad or good news. Markets have, and will continue to be…

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Managing Your 401k Account

Ever since 401k plans allowed an employee/participant to direct their investments and managed their own account; many employees have asked and wanted a professional to manage their account for them. The 401k industry had…

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Is a Target Date Fund Safe?

The Myth of Asset Allocation and Diversification Using an efficient mix of different stock funds and bond funds based on Modern Portfolio Theory should work…right? We do believe in this theory, and historically certain asset classes perform differently through the…

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Retirement Considerations

When you start considering your Retirement, you’ll want to be well informed and prepared to Retire Confidently. Our 401kActiveWatch Fiduciary Advisors will help educate you on the various aspects and important decisions needed for successful Retirement Planning…

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Being Prepared for a DOL Audit

The Department of Labor (DOL), and their enforcement arm Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), are responsible for the investigations and audits of any size 401k Plans. Even if you’re a small company, with just a handful of employees, your Plan could be investigated or audited.

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Improving Retirement Outcomes

Most of the recommendations for improving outcomes revolve around Auto Enroll, Auto Increases, and offering more employer contributions. Here at 401kActiveWatch, although we feel the aforementioned are viable recommendations; they really do not address the root cause of…

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