401kActiveWatch For Individuals

401kActiveWatch offers you the choice of investment assistance according to your specific needs. Whether you want only investment recommendations based on market conditions, or active tactical investment management of your entire 401k portfolio—we can help you.

We serve you by complying with the Fiduciary Standard. Which means that we work solely in your best interests! You can get started with us by following this three step process.

6 Issues Participants Commonly Encounter

Below are issues that Participants constantly confront401kActiveWatch was developed to guide individuals through their Retirement process. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us by connecting with us below.

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Professional Account Management

What are the best ways to manage your 401k account? We can help you professionally manage your 401k accounts. Our AlphaSolutions Models come with Built-in Downside Risk Controls.

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Understanding Market Conditions

Do you find it hard to research and decipher current market conditions? Our complimentary weekly Market Focus will give you easy to understand “traffic-light signals” to help you invest more wisely.

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Target Date Fund Concerns

For years 401k participants are told that proper asset allocation models like Target Date Funds can reduce risk and improve your retirement outcome. So, what happened if you were properly diversified or in a Target Date Fund during 2008?

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Improving Participant Behavior

Its human nature for investors to panic during periods of high market volatility. This is why 401kActiveWatch relies on fact based investing that’s rules driven to address human irrational investor behavior.

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401k Retirement Advice

Have you ever wanted someone to personally advise you on your retirement savings plan? As a 401k participant, you probably didn’t receive personal advice from your 401k service providers and wonder why not. Well, we can and will.

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Retirement Considerations

What are the things to keep in mind for Retirement? We can help you better prepare by identifying for you & educating you in the many areas needed to Retire Confidently.

The Benefits are Straight Forward.
– Professional Account Management
– Fiduciary Investment Education
– Comprehensive Financial Planning
– Improve Retirement Outcomes
– Market Focus Newsletter
– Access to Address Questions
– One-on-One Meetings
– Retirement Cash Strategies

401kActiveWatch can manage your 401k Account according to your specific needs. From providing recommendations, to actively managing your 401k Account through our portfolio managers. 401kActiveWatch offers you a comprehensive “just do it for me” solution.

Key Questions to Address
  • Can you help me make better informed investment decisions?
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– Our Weekly Market Focus provides easy “traffic-light signals” to notify you of current market conditions.
  • I can’t stomach losing my retirement savings in the stock market. Do I need the inherent returns and risks of stocks to reach my retirement goals?
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– All of the investment models we offer come with built-in downside risk controls, to make you more comfortable and confident with investing in stocks.
  • Can I meet with an investment advisor one-on-one, who I know is advising me solely in my best interests?
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– Our Fiduciary Advisors meet with you individually to better understand your specific needs and goals. Our advisors are required to be have a fiduciary designation, such as the Registered Fiduciary (RF), and to comply with the “Fiduciary Standard” – meaning that they must act solely in your best interests.
  • Will I be able to inquire and talk directly with a portfolio manager to understand more how my account is or will be managed?
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– Our Portfolio Managers are readily accessible to both you and your advisor.
– Our Director of Financial Education delivers informative Retirement Planning Seminars addressing the many factors and steps you’ll need to consider in order to retire confidently.

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